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Free Assessment

Find out about your eligibility and immigration options before you make your move.



Moving to a new country is a once in a life time adventure.  

Allow a professional to take care of the procedure,
so you can fully enjoy your new start.  

We help people and businesses with personalized, professional Canadian Immigration

and  Education services.

RB Migration PATHWAYS can help you migrate and settle in Canada.



 We’ll Find the Right 
 Immigration Option for You 

Regulated Canadian

Immigration Consultant

Steps to Immigration

Contact RB Migration Pathways

for a personal consultation.

Learn more about your best options

from our Immigration professionals.

Decide on the option

that is best for you.

Work with us to put the plan

into action to achieve your goals.

We’ll Find the Right Immigration Option for You

The best way for you to immigrate to Canada depends on your particular circumstances.

Our qualified and experienced immigration consultant evaluates your case,

recommends those for which you qualify, and helps you through the application process.

 We’ll Find the Right  Immigration Option for You 

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