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Flexible Appointment

Find flexible and convenient

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We Communicate on Your Behalf 

You don’t have to deal with the CRA because we communicate with them on your behalf.

Personalized Service 

Your personal financial

situation is carefully assessed

and evaluated to find the

best tax solution for you.

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Choose the Tax Options You Prefer

When you choose our tax services, you have three options for how we help you.


Make an appointment with one of our tax representatives at a time that’s convenient for you. The representative will provide a complete service and e-file the taxes on the spot, so you don’t need to come back again.

Drop Off 

Stop by one of our offices to drop off all your tax documents and information. You pay nothing until your return is completed. We’ll let you know when your income tax return is ready. You can pick them up and pay for the service.


Send your documentation to us by email. Any documents that needs your signature will be emailed back to you. When your tax return is ready, you can choose to pay online (we do not accept any other kind of online payment) or send a relative to pay on your behalf.

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Taxes for Newcomers to Canada

If you’ve recently immigrated to Canada or just received your Canadian residency, SPG’s tax specialists can help you with all aspects of your income taxes for employment in Canada or elsewhere, from filing your return to making sure you get all your tax credits and benefits.

File a tax return in Canada

Determine and pay Goods and Services Tax for businesses

We’ll work with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on your behalf




  • What are biometrics?
    Biometrics are biological measurements used for identification. Submitting biometrics includes giving fingerprints and facial measurements to law enforcement agents for security reasons.
  • Do I need to give biometrics?
    You may need to give biometrics depending on the country you’re coming from and the type of permit you’re applying for. Find out if you’re required to give biometrics through the following link.
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