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International Experience Canada (IEC)

Allows youth (18-35 yrs) to gain valuable work experience and travel in Canada.

 To participate to an IEC program 

Your country of citizenship must have an agreement with Canada that allows you to apply for an IEC work permit

 Recognized Organization 

You may be able to use a Recognized Organization if your country of citizenship does not have an agreement with Canada



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Working Holiday Visa*

With a Working Holiday Visa you will have the opportunity to explore Canada while working in your favourite Canadian city. The length of time depends on your country of citizenship.

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Young Professional

Just like the WHV, the Young Professional program lets you explore Canada while gaining professional work experience.

To apply for the program you must have a job offer and work for the same employer during the duration of your stay Canada.

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International Co-Op Internship

If you’re a college or university student and currently have a job offer, internship or work placement, then you may be able to qualify for an International Co-Op Internship.

Learn more about Temporary Foreign Workers Program

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