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Applying For Canadian Citizenship For a Child Born Abroad

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Since 2009, the Canadian government’s Citizenship Act states that an application may be made for Canadian citizenship for a child born outside Canada to a Canadian citizen. The main stipulation is that at least one parent is a Canadian citizen at the time of the child’s birth. 

Before 2009, when the citizenship rules were revised, it was possible for children born outside Canada to apply for Canadian citizenship as long as at least one parent was a Canadian citizen at the time the application was submitted.

There are many other factors and provisions of the Citizenship Act that may affect a person’s application. To find out if you’re eligible please refer to the Canadian Citizenship act published on the CIC website or try out the Am I A Canadian Citizen Tool

How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship for a Child Born Abroad

The ultimate proof of citizenship for anyone born outside of Canada is a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship. To confirm that a child born outside Canada is eligible for citizenship in Canada, you must submit an application for a citizenship certificate to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Children of any age may apply for a citizenship certificate. However, the government encourages that applications from children under 14 years of age either be made by the child’s parent or guardian; or the application be signed by a parent or guardian; or that the parent or guardian be advised that the application has been made.

To apply for a citizenship certificate, you will need an application package, which you can get from the government of Canada website.  It includes the following:

The Instruction Guide – This outlines how to complete all the forms and documents for the application.

The Document Checklist – Outlines the documents or copies of documents you must include with your application. This will include the parent’s birth certificate or other proof of Canadian citizenship, and the child’s birth certificate listing the name(s) of the parents.

Application Form for the Citizenship CertificateCitizenship Photo Specifications – You will need to submit a recent photo of the applicant according to the specifications outlined by the government.

Use of a Representative Form – If you choose to be represented by someone for purposes of the application, you will need to complete and submit this form.

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