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Why Do People Immigrate To Canada?

Judging by the number of people who want to immigrate to Canada from almost every part of the world, it is a very desirable place to live. According to Statistics Canada, in 2016, immigrants reported arriving in Canada from over 200 countries around the globe. 

You might think that as living conditions continue to improve in other countries, demand for Canadian immigration might slow down. But, in 2016, recent immigrants (those arriving in the previous five years) accounted for 16.1% of the entire Canadian immigrant population. In other words, one in every six foreign-born residents wasn’t here 5 years ago.

But, if life in Canada is so popular with people the world over, it begs one question: why do so many people want to immigrate to Canada? 

8 Reasons Why People Want to Immigrate to Canada

The popularity of Canada as a place to live and work begins with the fact that the country is welcoming to immigrants. But that isn’t the only reason that people want to move here.

High Quality of Life – If you search for a list of countries with the highest quality of life, or the highest standards of living, you’ll find Canada close to the top. In 2016, the World Economic Forum released the results research that listed Canada second in the world on the Social Progress Index.

Multiculturalism, Inclusivity, Diversity – In addition to welcoming immigrants with open arms, the Canadian government actively pursues a policy of multiculturalism as a part of the Canadian identity. The country is also a world leader in the supporting inclusivity, becoming the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, and having an extensive history of entrenching women’s rights, from voting to the right to choose. 

Universal Health Care – While not the only country in the world with a national health insurance program, Canada’s universal health care is often used as an example of how well such a system can work. Every citizen and permanent resident of Canada enjoys access to regular medical services without having to pay the cost for those services.

The Economy & Job Market – The country actively pursues foreign workers, particularly skilled workers, to fuel its workforce and economy. While the Canadian population is only the 38th largest in the world, its economy is the 10th largest. It is also a diversified economy. Beginning with job opportunities related to the country’s ample natural resources, including agriculture, oil and gas and mining, Canada is also home to a large manufacturing and construction sectors. Service-related jobs, including those in finance, transportation, education, health care, business services and government services, form the largest job sector in the country.

Social Welfare – In addition to universal health care, Canadians enjoy a number of other social welfare programs. These include generous unemployment insurance plans, retirement pensions, child care benefits, parental leave for new parents and a relatively high minimum wage.

A Stable Government & Political System – Even though the country offers a relatively diverse choice of political parties, those on both sides of the liberal/conservative spectrum generally support the mainstays of Canadian policy, including human rights, environmental issues and immigration. Corruption and abuse of privilege are generally low compared to even other stable western governments with only the occasional scandal to give fodder to the news media.

Personal Safety – Canada regularly places highly in rankings of the safest places to live in the world. Crime rates have generally been in significant decline for decades and the country has relatively strict gun-control laws.  

Its Beauty – No, there aren’t snow-capped peaks and crimson-clad Mounties all over the country. But wherever you are in Canada, you are not far from stunning natural vistas. The country’s cities and towns are kept clean, laid out thoughtfully, with an attractive mix of architectural styles and options for living. And while those who live in Canada are known to sometimes complain about the weather, the ongoing parade of spring’s blossoms, summer’s warmth, autumn’s colours and winter’s freshness blesses us all year after year.

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